Stainless Steel Coils


Stainless steel heat exchangers are used in closed-loop cooling towers that are manufactured by our certified welder with TIG (argon) welding method. At the end of manufacturing process, each stainless steel heat exchanger is tested with air has 16 bar pressure in a water tank. Our manufacturing is appropriate to the pressure vessels directive (92/23/EC). After completion of test procedures, outer surfaces and inner surfaces of the tubes of each completed stainless exchanger is subjected to acid passivation. In this way, surface that lost their rustproof stainless property is gained again. 

 Material of piping should be stainless steel in plant that stainless steel exchanger is used. Otherwise pieces of steel pipes from carbon steel initiate corrosion on the inner surface of the stainless steel pipe. Area that suffered corrosion is punctured. This causes water leaking.