Splash Type Fills


In splash type system cooling is done by splashing effect. This kind of systems are preferable for dirty waters. The splash grids are staggered so that they cause a perfect water atomizing. The important distances in between the grids elements guarantee: -a minimum fouling within the fill -a self-purging -a continuous performance in time with a maximum heat transfer. 

 The process water, which falls through filling break into drops. Repeated at every level of the fill this action ensures a continuous break-up of water droplets exposed to the atmosphere and thus maximizes the heat exchange surface where cooling takes place.

 The individual grids are locked by spiders, which also provide support from the vertical stainless steel wire hangers. Each grid is easily removed and replaced without damage so that access to all parts of the cooling tower is available for structural inspection or maintenance work. 

 The wide spacing between grids prevent the infill from clogging as well as the build-up of biological growth. The design and the arrangement of the grids is the result of long and extensive research. Development tests were run in CENK own facilities in order to maximize heat transfer, keeping as low possible air pressure drop. This system has been used successfully throughout the world for more than ten years