LISA Series Open Circuit Cooling Tower (CTI-Eurovent Certified)

General Features

CTI-Eurovent certified open circuit cooling tower model.

It is used in HVAC industries and places where cold water is needed. It is produced with up-to-date thermal design criteria for maximize cooling capacity.

It is designed according to counter flow water cooling principle. In this design criteria, the hot water is poured onto the cooling fill lwhile the cool air is coming from under the cooling fill. Throughout the process, hot water and air transfers heat through the cooling fill. When leaving the cooling fill, cold water is stored in the water basin and sent to the required area.

In this system the fan is designed induced draft. That's why, axial fans are located on the deck of the cooling tower. We also have applications with belt driven or gear driven depending on the customer's request.


TOWER BODY : The walls, the corner and middle pillars and water basin are made of GS (Galvanized Steel) or SS (Stainless Steel) If made from SS, a suffix “S” is added to model name. If basin made from SS, other section from GS, a suffix “SG” is added to model name. For GS, no suffix is added. 

INTERNAL SUPPORTS : SS profiles or GS profiles are used for Eliminator supports, water distribution supports and filling supports. 

FILLING : PVC film type fillings are made of thermoformed PVC sheets, to obtain maximum cooling surface and minimum air resistance. The flute size is 18,5 mm. 

ELIMINATOR : The drift eliminators are made of PVC films. 

WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM : The water distribution system is made of PVC pipes. It helps homogenous distribution and sprinkling of process water in the cooling tower. The spray 3 nozzles used in the towers are made of Polypropylene. The water distribution system can be made of PP and GRP as well. This does not affect the performance of the tower. 

FAN : For this cooling towers, Multiwing brand are used. In 2000 mm or higher dimension fans has 2 types of blade options, 10G and 1G. 1G. Their fan speeds and blade profiles and fan shaft power are different.

Technical Documents